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Tom Elliott ‘astonished’ by Victoria’s stance on drugs

Tom Elliott says he’s at a loss when it comes to Victoria’s stance on drugs.

It comes after his wife spotted a group of men clearly under the influence just metres from a kindergarten and a police station.

She decided to report it, but police seemed to show next to no interest in doing anything about it.

‘I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about this?’ Tom Elliott said on 3AW DRive.

‘The idea that you can openly take drugs – an illegal substance – right next to a kindergarten and within spitting distance of a police station suggests our criminal code no longer has any impact.’

The 3AW Drive host said there was a stunning contrast in attitudes towards tobacco – a legal substance.

‘It’s astonishing, isn’t it?’ Tom said.

‘We’re not far away from smoking being banned and probably enforced, but somehow ingesting ice or heroin will soon be legalised.’

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