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Tom Elliott caller tells people to ‘ease off Xavier College’

A former Xavier College student has said people need to lay off his old school, complaining that scandals are ‘blown up as though there’s been a US presidential assassination’. 

Caller Joe, who describes himself as ‘an old boy of Xavier’, told Tom Elliott the prestigious school was copping more flak than it deserved. 

The private college, which charges more than $20,000 a year for senior students, has been at the centre of a debate about elitism after a number of teenage boys in VCE were caught out taunting state school children on social media.

The vile rant of one student described students as public schools as ‘povo’ and said ‘Remember to say hi to me when I’m your boss one day.’

Joe said he disagreed with what the young men had said on social media, labelling it ‘offensive’ and ‘wrong’.

‘But I think the media needs to go easy on Xavier,’ he said. 

‘Every time they do something remotely controversial, it’s blown up as though there’s been a US presidential assassination.’