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Tom Elliott clips ‘dumb’ Brunswick North West Primary over chickenpox outbreak

UPDATE: The mother of an unvaccinated student at a school suffering from a major chickenpox outbreak has defended her right to not immunise her child.

Susan (not her real name) told Tom Elliott she was ‘not anti-vax’ but said parents should have a choice.

Brunswick North West Primary has come under fire after as many as 80 of the school’s 320 pupils contracted chickenpox in the space of a fortnight.

The school says it respects ‘the rights of every family to make choices about immunisation’.

Susan, who works in health care, said she thought ‘long and hard’ about immunising her child.

‘But for us, it felt a little bit like Russian roulette,’ she said on 3AW Drive.

‘The stats are out there that children do get hurt and they do die.’

Susan said chickenpox was ‘a rite of passage’ for kids.

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Tom Elliott could not disagree more.

He said it was no surprise a school which openly welcomed unvaccinated students had suffered this problem.

‘Honestly, what did they think would happen?’ the 3AW Drive host said.

‘If you allow large numbers of kids to come to school who are not vaccinated by hippy parents, disease will set in.

‘Just how dumb do you have to be?’

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