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Tom Elliott concerned free speech is ‘under threat’

Tom Elliott says free speech is under threat in Australia.

He fears Canadian activist Lauren Southern has had her visa knocked back due to fears of Left-wing protests if she’s allowed in.

The 23-year-old is due to speak at events in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane.

She’s known for her outspoken views on immigration and political correctness.

“Free speech, I reckon, is under threat,” Tom Elliott said.

The Department of Home Affairs has since clarified the situation.

It told 3AW Drive Ms Southern applied for an Electronic Travel Authority for which she was ineligible.

  • The individual has a visa application before the Department which remains under consideration.
  • All non-citizens seeking to enter Australia must meet the character requirements set out in the Migration Act 1958  and can be refused a visa if they fail to do so.
  • For visitors who may hold controversial views, any risk they may pose will be balanced against Australia’s well-established freedom of speech and freedom of beliefs, amongst other relevant considerations.

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Tom Elliott then spoke with Luke Izaak, one of Lauren’s Australian promoters.

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He also spoke with Tess Dimos, spokesperon from Campaign Against Racism and Facism.

She said she was happy for Ms Southern to be granted a visa, however, guaranteed there’d be protests when she arrived.

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