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Tom Elliott defends TV network following Ben Cousins arrest

Tom Elliott says any suggestion that Channel 7 is somehow to blame for Ben Cousins’ latest run-in with the police is ridiculous.

The TV network, which recently paid the West Coast great for an exclusive interview, has come under fire after Cousins was arrested and allegedly found with drugs on Wednesday.

“People have come out and said Channel 7 is somehow to blame?” Tom Elliott said on Thursday.

“It’s as though Ben Cousins, who is more than 40 years old now, is somehow treated as a child because he has a drug problem?

“Ben Cousins is an adult.

“The fact Ben Cousins appears to have got in trouble with the law, yet again, is one person’s fault and it’s not Channel 7’s … It’s Ben Cousins’.”

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But Shanna Whan, the founder and CEO of Sober in the Country, disagrees.

Ms Whan, a recovered alcoholic, told Tom Elliott the interview was “appalling”.

“I honestly believe it was plain and utter exploitation of that man, at that point in his life,” she said.

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