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Tom Elliott expects Labor ‘backflip’ on asylum seeker policy

Tom Elliott says voters can expect a Labor backflip when it comes to asylum seekers.

The 3AW Drive host said it was clear the party was at odds over its current policy and has predicted Labor to soften its stance on border protection.

‘You can see what’s going to happen here,’ Tom Elliott said on Tuesday.

‘There’s that many people who are candidates, or existing members of the Labor party, who do not support their party’s policy on asylum seekers.

‘There’s going to be a big Labor u-turn ? either before the election, or soon after ? on asylum seekers.

‘And what that means is the boats will start again ? guaranteed.

‘It will be like a green light to the people smugglers.

‘And then we’ll have people drowning at sea again. We’ve seen it all before.’

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