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Tom Elliott fears a South Australia-style blackout in Victoria

There are fears Victoria is headed for a South Australia-style blackout.

About 40,000 households and businesses lost power as demand soared during Wednesday’s heatwave, in which temperatures rose above 40 degrees.

The power was switched off as part of a measure known as ‘load shedding’, which helps to even out supply of power in times of high demand.


South Australia relies on renewable sources for 40% of its power, and Victoria is aiming for a similar proportion by 2025.

ANU Energy researcher Hugh Saddler told Tom Elliott we should be able to avoid a similar situation in Victoria – if we put the right safeguards in place.

Dr Saddler said there should be incentives for major users to switch off their power, and increase storage capacities.

But there could a few years during the transition during which we are at risk of running out of power.

‘These things should have been started some years ago,’ Dr Saddler said.

Tom said he foresees Victoria suffering a blackout.

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