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Tom Elliott fears Melbourne is being set up for driving disarray in a post-lockdown world

Tom Elliott fears Melbourne is being set up for driving disarray once the COVID-19 lockdown eases and life goes somewhat back to normal.

The 3AW Drive host has noticed a lot of roadworks going on in and around the CBD and inner-city in recent months.

“And these road works are not to the benefit of motorists,” he said.

Tom Elliott said parking spaces were disappearing, lanes disappearing and preference being made for pedestrians and cyclists.

“While we are all locked up in our houses having Zoom meetings and watching Netflix, various councils around the city are doing their best to make it even more difficult to drive when driving can resume,” he explained.

And he thinks that will be at odds with what people want in a coronavirus world.

Tom Elliott expects more drivers, not less, on Melbourne’s roads due to concerns about catching public transport.

He pointed to the fact that used car sale prices had “gone through the roof” lately.

“So there are going to be fewer car lanes and more cars,” he said.

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The Roads Minister admits there is a “risk” of that happening.

Ben Carroll told 3AW Drive the government was “committed” to keeping public transport clean and viable.

“To be honest, that is a concern for me,” he said.

The Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce is expecting “100,000 additional cars” on Melbourne’s roads once lockdown ends.

“The main reason for that will be a reluctance to go on public transport,” Geoff Gwilym, CEO of the VACC, told Tom Elliott.

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