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Tom Elliott finds out why Bunnings has been so popular lately!

Bunnings Warehouse has been a popular stop for shoppers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Tom Elliott spoke with the managing director, Michael Schneider, about what people had been buying.

He said there’d initially been a big uptake in materials for things such as home offices, whereas now other issues that needed fixing had emerged.

“Things that are a bit of niggle when you’re at home a few hours a day are becoming more of a headache when you’re home all the time,” Mr Schneider explained.

But the monster lines outside stores have been a bit misleading.

“A lot of our customers would have noticed queues outside our stores, that’s not because the stores are any busier than they are,” he said.

“It’s because we’ve enforced, for a few weeks now, quite strict disciplines around the number of customers we have in the store.”

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