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Tom Elliott fumes over ‘equity and diversity’ revelations at hotel quarantine inquiry

A man employed by the government to work at Melbourne’s ill-fated quarantine hotels has told the inquiry he did not receive any infection control training but was instructed about equity and diversity.

It’s left Tom Elliott furious.

Luke Ashford is a navy veteran who usually works for Parks Victoria, but was seconded to DHHS once the pandemic began.

He told the hotel quarantine inquiry he was so concerned about catching the disease due to issues with the program he quit after less than four weeks.

Tom Elliott said he was angry because the program had led to people’s lives being “ruined” in Victoria.

“So, when it came to recruiting security guards, the emphasis was on equity and diversity training, not infection control,” he said.

“What does that say about our priorities.

“We’ve become stuffed so far up our collective Left-wing bottoms, we’ve got no idea what’s important any more.

“Equity and diversity training.

“Imagine if you had to train somebody to be a firefighter in one day.

“Would you train them on how to hold a hose and which bit of the fire to aim at? Or, no, we need ‘equity and diversity’ training to make sure you don’t hold the hose in a culturally inappropriate manner.

“This stuff is dynamite, it really is.

“It makes me so angry because our lives have been turned upside down because of it.”

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