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Tom Elliott gives three reasons why Donald Trump appeals to America

Tom Elliott says there’s three main reasons why Donald Trump is in the running to be the next president of America.

The 3AW Drive host has been saying for months he believes Trump will win the US election and ‘the sky won’t fall in’ if it happens.

He said Trump ticked a few boxes other candidates did not, which your average American was drawn to.

‘He’s not a professional politician, which Americans have become sick of. He has done other things with his life,’ Tom Elliott said.

‘He wants secure America’s borders. It appeals to the middle-class, and lower-class people who fear losing their jobs.

‘He wants to keep America out of other country’s wars.

‘Every day that draws closer, I become more and more convinced Donald Trump will be the next president of America.

‘If Donald Trump becomes president, the world will not fall in.

‘The US president is not that powerful. They can’t even get a budget through congress.’

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