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Tom Elliott goes into bat for ABC host Tony Jones after Bill Shorten’s ‘unbelievable’ response

Tom Elliott has gone into bat for the ABC’s Tony Jones, saying it’s clear Bill Shorten is deliberately refusing to answer questions from Australians.

The Opposition Leader was asked on Q&A what Labor’s climate change policy would cost, a question Mr Shorten continually refuses to answer.

Mr Shorten fired back at Tony Jones, telling him it was a “dumb question” and saying he should worry about the “cost of inaction”.

Tom Elliott said it was a completely valid question from Jones.

“It’s unbelievable,” a frustrated Tom Elliott said on 3AW.

“He is asked a straight-forward question by Tony Jones because people want to know what it will cost, which is fair enough, because the cost will be borne by all of us.

“What is it? $10 billion? $100 billion? $200, $300, $500 billion?

“We just want to know how much and Bill Shorten tells him it’s a ‘dumb’ question and answers it with another question about how much the cost of inaction is.

“It’s unbelievable.

“I can tell you what the cost of ‘inaction’ is … if Australia did nothing about climate change it would make no difference, whatsoever.

“So the cost of inaction is zero.

“Our impact on climate change, global warming, that sort of thing is as close to zero as to not worth worrying about.”

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