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Tom Elliott has ‘a few facts’ for those who think Jacinda Ardern is ‘God’s gift to government’

Tom Elliott has a “few facts” for those Australians currently gushing over New Zealand leader Jacinda Ardern.

Ms Ardern was recently voted the most trusted politician by Australians, ahead of any local MP.

Many Left-leaning voters vented their dismay with Australia’s recent election result, claiming they would rather live in New Zealand under her government.

Tom Elliott says they haven’t done their homework.

“I just want to put a few facts out there for everybody who thinks Jacinda Ardern is God’s gift to government,” the 3AW Drive host said.

“Firstly, New Zealand takes far fewer refugees per head of population than what Australia does.

“We are the nice country to refugees, New Zealand is not.

“Secondly, New Zealand has now cut back dramatically on the amount of migrants they accept from any source.

“They’ve decided they don’t want immigration, or certainly not as much as they used to have.

“New Zealand is not the open and welcoming country it used to be.

“Thirdly, teachers in New Zealand are complaining the government isn’t paying them enough and they’ve gone on a mass strike.

“So while we sit there praising Jacinda Ardern to the high heavens, New Zealanders see things differently.

“Just think about that.”

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