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Tom Elliott has two suggestions to help stop drug deaths

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Tom Elliott says a scare campaign and harsher policing could help reduce the amount of young people dying from drug use.

It comes after yet another death at a music festival.

The push for pill testing continues to gain momentum.

But Tom says it’s not the answer.

He says we should look at the impact the graphic TAC advertisements had on reducing drink-driving on our roads.

“They put all those graphic ads on TV,” the 3AW Drive host said.

“These were graphic ads that showed the damage you might cause if you did something stupid on the roads.

“And on top of that we had enforcement.

“We had booze buses everywhere. We had increasingly stiff penalties for being caught over the limit.

“We enforced .05 rigorously, no questions asked.

“Why don’t we do the same for drugs?

“Have ads on TV that show you could die by taking the wrong drug and have police enforce the laws against the drugs, rather than pretend it’s a health issue.”

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Tom went on to debate the matter with Richard Di Natale.

The leader of the Greens says pill testing in Australia is “inevitable”.

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