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Tom Elliott hits back at criticism over soccer column

Tom Elliott has hit back at the A-League and critics of his controversial soccer column.

The 3AW Drive host wrote an opinion piece for The Herald Sun published on Friday, in which he took aim at the culture of the sport and it’s problematic fans.

It’s since led to widespread debate, with many soccer fans responding angrily to Tom Elliott’s claims.

He said that only highlighted what he was talking about.

‘Soccer has its own, self-perpetuating, siege mentality,’ the 3AW Drive host said.

‘Criticise any other code of football and you don’t get threats of violence against you.

‘You don’t get people calling you stupid, an idiot, a fool and ignorant – that’s what’s happened to me today.

‘But criticise soccer and you are in big, big trouble.’

He then took aim at Fox Sports commentator Simon Hill, who was also critical of his editorial.

3AW Drive contacted Hill, who declined the opportunity to come on air.

‘What people like Simon Hill and the A-League in general don’t want to hear, is that soccer’s problems are pretty much entirely self-generated,’ Tom Elliott said.

‘It wasn’t me that caused last Saturday night’s game to have to be paused because there was so much smoke coming from flares.’

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