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Tom Elliott hits out at councils, questions Fitzroy Street sculpture

3AW Drive host Tom Elliott has taken aim at the 21 Victorian councils which have applied for an exemption when it comes to increasing rates.

Under new laws, councils cannot increase rates by more than the rate of inflation.

But as 3AW Drive recently discovered, councils can apply for an exemption under ‘special needs.’

And 21 councils have.

‘I’m just astonished by this,’ Tom Elliott said.

‘Councils need to learn to live within their means.

‘They’ve got to stop backing trendy programs like global warming and gay marriage and the rights of asylum seekers and get back to basics.

‘No council in this state should need to increase their rates by more than the rate of inflation.

‘I hope the state government says no, no, no to all 21 of them.’

Tom questioned where ratepayer money was going, pointing at a new sculpture on Fitzroy St, St Kilda, as an example.

It was paid for by the council.

‘Is this sculpture really a useful way of spending ratepayers money?’

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