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Tom Elliott hits out at ‘trigger warnings’ in the classroom, says students need to ‘harden up’

Tom Elliott is extremely concerned by the spread of ‘trigger-warnings’ in schools.

The warnings allow students to leave the classroom before studying content they feel may be too confronting for them.

It’s hoped it will prevent mental health issues in students.

But Tom Elliott says it’s ridiculous.

‘Quite honestly, how does the younger generation of today expect to deal with an otherwise cruel world if the concept of reading a book with a few challenging ideas or studies a dark episode in human history is too much for them?’ the 3AW Drive host said.

‘I never thought I’d say this, but if you depend on trigger warnings to get through school or university, you need to eat some concrete and harden up.’

But Amanda Gailiss, Youth Governor of Victoria, backed the program and said it was needed.

‘If this can help one person, then I think it’s worth it,’ she said.

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