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Tom Elliott hits out at Victoria’s ‘nonsensical’ road safety campaign

Tom Elliott says Victoria’s road safety campaign is either misguided or misleading.

The 3AW Drive host has questioned why the focus was on reducing speed limits in urban areas, when the ‘disproportionate’ amount of deaths were happening on rural and regional roads.

‘All of our effort seems to be going towards reducing urban and suburban speed limits from 60 to 50 to 40 to 30km/h under the mantra that ‘speed kills’,’ Tom Elliott explained.

‘I think that’s a nonsensical campaign, I do, because 50 per cent of the casualties are occurring with 20 per cent of the population in rural and regional parts of the state.

‘If we want to fix the road toll ? that is where we should be focussing.’

He said it was hard not to be cynical about the true motive behind reducing speed limits.

‘It just says to me that they’re not actually not so much focused on casualties, but revenue raising,’ Tom Elliott said.

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