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Tom Elliott interviews a ‘chirpy’ Peter Marshall

The head of the United Firefighters Union hasĀ gone head-to-head with Tom Elliott over the proposed changes to the CFA.

Peter Marshall said volunteers had nothing to worry about.

“What’s being proposed is not the model the UFU advocated for during the royal commission or during the fire services review, but it’s a good model,” Mr Marshall said.

“If it’s put in place tomorrow, there’ll be absolutely no change to volunteers, whatsoever.”

But Tom Elliott was left far from convinced.

Tom Elliott: “Since the last time we spoke, you sound pretty chirpy about everything. Is it because you know the CFA will no longer be able to interfere with future enterprise bargaining agreements?”

Peter Marshall: “Tom, I’m not chirpy. I’m not chirpy, at all.”

Tom Elliott: “Trust me, you are.”

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