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Tom Elliott left ‘appalled’ after discovering heartless owners abandon their pets while on summer holidays

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Tom Elliott couldn’t believe it. So he decided to follow it up further.

The 3AW Drive host was shocked to discover some Australians abandoned their pets each summer while they went on a holiday over the Christmas period.

I find this appalling. I really do.
– Tom Elliott.

As in, they literally let their pet loose, or dump it, hoping it’ll be captured and taken to the pound.

They then go and ask for it back when they return from holiday, without having to pay.

Megan Seccull, Shelter Manager at the Australian Animal Protection Society, told Tom Elliott it absolutely happened.

“It’s not common, but people do it,” she explained.

“We had somebody come in wanting to surrender their animal to us because it was going to be cheaper for them to buy a new puppy when they got home from holiday (rather than pay for it to be looked after).”

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