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Tom Elliott questions Daniel Andrews’ letter to Malcolm Turnbull over plebiscite

BELOW: Matthew Guy phones in after hearing Tom Elliott’s editorial

Tom Elliott has questioned the political priorities and leadership of Victorian premier Daniel Andrews.

The 3AW Drive host was critical of the premier’s decision to write a letter to Malcolm Turnbull, in which he said a same-sex marriage plebiscite would ‘hurt’ people.

‘I tell you what is hurting people, right now, and that’s this crime wave that’s going on around Melbourne,’ Tom Elliott said on 3AW.

‘We’ve got concerned people fearful for their property and maybe for their lives.

‘We’ve got vigilante groups being formed to do the jobs they feel the police, courts and maybe politicians aren’t doing for them.

‘This crime wave is very real, Mr Andrews, and that’s what is hurting people in Victoria right now.’

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Tom Elliott’s comments prompted state opposition leader Matthew Guy to phone in.

He told 3AW Drive he couldn’t agree more.

‘This growing wave of crime is the biggest issue our state has faced for some time,’ the alternative premier said.

‘The only thing that’s going to hurt same-sex couples, to be frank, is Daniel Andrews using same-sex couples as distraction in a sleazy and underhanded way.’

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