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Tom Elliott responds to Brendon Bolton’s sacking

Tom Elliott says sacking Brendon Bolton won’t fix Carlton’s woes.

The 3AW Drive host and Blues fan said the board needed to be held to account.

He said Bolton was a “sacrificial lamb”.

“Sacking Brendon Bolton will not fix the problems at Carlton,” Tom Elliott said.

“I’ll say it again – sacking Brendon Bolton will not fix this once great football club.”

He said more change was needed.

“I want to see a mea culpa from the Carlton board,” Tom Elliott said.

“I want to see a couple of directors fall on their sword and say ā€“ ‘you know what, we were part of the decision-making that led the club down this dark abyss and we’re going to resign and give some other people a go’ ā€“ that’s what I want to see.”

“Where are the resignations of directors who have overseen all these terrible decisions?”

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