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Tom Elliott responds to latest revelations at hotel quarantine inquiry

Tom Elliott says the latest revelations at the hotel quarantine inquiry would be “comical” if the matter wasn’t so serious.

It’s emerged some Victorians were released from hotel quarantine after 14 days even if they had coronavirus.

Victoria’s chief health officer, Professor Brett Sutton, had no idea private security guards were even being used in hotel quarantine until the outbreaks in June that led to the state’s second wave.

Some of those guards refused to use alcohol-based hand sanitiser, a crucial part of infection control, because of religious reasons.

“It is comical,” Tom Elliott said on 3AW Drive.

“It is like a tragic farce.

“If you were going to write a Peter Sellers type movie, or Monty Python scene where everything goes wrong at the same time, you couldn’t write a better script than what has occurred in real life with the hotel quarantine.

“It would be funny, except for the fact it has wasted a tonne of money and the cost of the community has been unbelievable – lives lost, people getting sick and the economy shutting down.

“The misery that has come out of this hotel quarantine stuff up is unbelievable.

“And yet nobody asked questions, virtually nobody did the right thing.”

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