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Tom Elliott responds to ‘ludicrous’ pay rise handed to Victorian politicians

Tom Elliott says senior members of the Victorian government can’t possibly ask several public sector unions to accept a two per cent pay increase with a straight face after copping an 11.8 per cent pay increase themselves.

The 3AW Drive host said the likes of Daniel Andrews and Tim Pallas did not deserve the hefty hike in pay, but that was another issue entirely.

“How can the government, with a straight face, confront all these unions and public sector workers and tell them to take two per cent while they get a 12 per cent increase in their pay,” Tom Elliott asked.

“It’s ludicrous.”

The police and ambulance associations are among a handful of unions currently negotiating with the government.

They’ve been pushing for increases of between four and six per cent, but the government remains steadfast in only offering two.

“It was just in May this year that Tim Pallas, the treasurer, said that all public sector employees should cap their pay increases at two per cent because of the importance of preserving the state budget surplus,” Tom Elliott said.

“Well, Mr Pallas, what do you say about your own pay increase?”

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