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Tom Elliott rips into his own local council over proposed garbage collection changes

Tom Elliott has ripped into his own local council over a proposed overhaul of garbage collection in the City of Yarra.

In a move that the 3AW Drive host says would be a “dereliction” of council duty, councillors will vote on the proposal next Tuesday.

The council is proposing an increase from two to four bins — household rubbish, glass, other recycling, and food and organics.

The organics would be collected weekly and the rest fortnightly.

The council, which covers suburbs such as Richmond, Fitzroy, Collingwood and Clifton Hill, says they’ve surveyed residents and they’re largely supportive of the idea.

Tom Elliott said the City of Yarra should worry less about international politics and social issues and more about doing what it is elected to do.

“Roads. Rubbish. Rates,” he said.

“Here’s yet another council thinking they can save some money if they collect the rubbish once a fortnight, not every week, and then say ‘let’s do a survey of hand-picked houses’ and say the ‘majority’ of ratepayers are in favour of this.

“Well, City of Yarra, I can tell you I’m not in favour of it. None of my neighbours are in favour of it.

“Imagine if you’ve got a baby, or toddler.

“You could have a bin full of pooey nappies sitting there in the heat of summer for 13 or 14 days.

“Imagine what that would smell like.”

Councillor Stephen Jolly is vehemently opposed to the idea.

“I think the council has lost the plot,” he said.

“This council, by the way, is dripping in money.

“On Tuesday night, not only are we voting on this, we’ve also got a report from our treasury that says we’re $8 million richer than they thought we were going to be and yet they want to slash and burn our services.

“It’s just not on.”

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