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Tom Elliott rips into the Greens for being the ‘fun police’

Article image for Tom Elliott rips into the Greens for being the ‘fun police’

Tom Elliott has ripped into the Greens for being the “fun police” after the fringe political party asked the Victorian government to cancel the iconic Melbourne Cup.

They say not only is it cruel to the horses involved, they’re also worried about the gambling impacts on a society that is already struggling with the economic issues caused by COVID-19.

“Oh my god, seriously,” Tom Elliott said in response on Friday.

The 3AW Drive host, who isn’t a fan of gambling on the horses himself, said the “stupid” press release showed the Greens simply didn’t “get it”.

“The Melbourne Cup is one of Melbourne’s great events,” he said.

“We’ve just lost the AFL grand final to the Gabba – people need something to look forward to.

“Hundreds of thousands of people love going to the races, hundreds of thousands more loving watching it and having a bit of flutter on the horses and the Greens want to cancel the whole thing.

“It’s not compulsory to gamble on it.

“It’s not the Greens’ job to be the fun police.

“They fundamentally don’t understand that people need events like the Melbourne Cup and the grand final and the formula 1 and the tennis to look forward to, to have a good time, to keep themselves entertained, particularly during a pandemic.”

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