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Tom Elliott says a twilight AFL grand final is “inevitable”

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Tom Elliott says he thinks a twilight AFL grand final is “inevitable.”

Later today the AFL commission will announce whether the grand final time will remain at 2.30pm, or be shifted to a later time.

Tom said moving the time would upset fans.

“I don’t think it’s what the average punter wants. I certainly don’t want it,” he said.

“Gillon McLachlan so often says this is all about the fans…well survey after survey says the public don’t want a twilight or a night time grand final.

“I mentioned late last year that there were only probably two or three games that could be described as Saturday afternoon blockbusters at the MCG for the upcoming season. That to me is a sign that the AFL basically wants to get people used to the idea that we don’t really play football at 2.30pm on a Saturday anymore.

“It’s all about TV.

“They know they’ll get more money out of the TV stations if they have a twilight grand final than if they have a traditional afternoon one,” Tom said.

Those in favour of a twilight grand final say that it would boost the pre-game entertainment audience.

Tom said concert entertainment should not be the focus.

“The footy is not about a concert. American football has a concert because frankly the game is quite dull.

“Australian rules football is not boring. It is the main attraction. I wouldn’t care if no one sang at the grand final apart from the national anthem.

“The AFL is not listening.” he said.

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