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Tom Elliott says adults should take more responsibility when it comes to junk food

A landmark report has been released today to combat obesity in Australia.

More than 100 experts have developed a plan to tax junk food, especially sugary drinks. 

Tom Elliott says it is ‘not the role of the state’ to prevent us from eating this food.

‘Do you we honestly need a tax to ram the point home,’ the 3AW Drive host said. 

‘Adults choose to eat what they want to eat.’

When it comes to children eating junk food, Tom places that responsibility firmly on the parents. 

The report also suggests junk food could be banned from schools and sporting events. 

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Speaking to 3AW Drive, Senior Research Fellow at the Global Obesity Centre at Deakin University and leader of the report Dr Gary Sacks says Australia has a high rate of obesity.

‘It is a really high rate, there are a few countries that are higher but Australia is right up there.’

Dr Sacks says the plan of action includes a tax on sugary drinks and regulations to restrict junk food marketing.

‘Ultimately the evidence does suggest that taxing unhealthy foods in general, so unhealthy snack food would be the way to go.’ 

‘The problem is our current approach just isn’t working…its a real public health crisis….we need to change our approach’ he said.

Dr Sacks said a tax of around 20% would show a decrease in consumption.

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