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Tom Elliott says gang problem will continue until ‘we try the obvious’

Tom Elliott says Melbourne’s problem with youth gangs will continue until offenders are punished heavily.

It follows a recent flare up of crime involving males of African appearance.

“It worries me that we never seem to try the obvious,” the 3AW Drive host said.

“Lock up these young thugs and lock them up for a long time.”

He also expressed concern about Richard Di Natale’s view on the issue.

“He says there isn’t an African gangs problem, at all,” Tom Elliott said with great surprise.

“I mean, really? This idea that you can pretend all the crime stats don’t exist and simply blame the media is amazing.”

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Senator Di Natale told Tom crimes committed by African youths are given much more prominence in the media, compared with those committed by Caucasian men.

He referenced an incident in Torquay last year.

“At the time there was a riot involving young Anglo men and I don’t think we spent any time talking about it, I know it didn’t feel the column inches that this has,” he said.

“There are clearly issues with crime in Victoria.

“But do we want to prevent it or do we want to drive a wedge between the community?”

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