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Tom Elliott says it ‘stinks’ councillors can take leave to run for parliament

Tom Elliott says it’s not right that Victorian councillors are able to take a leave of absence to run for parliament.

It followed a Word On The Street call from ratepayer Bernie, who voiced his pleasure at news Moreland mayor Samantha Ratman would be running as a Greens candidate this election.

She’s taken a leave of absence to run her campaign.

It’s since come to light that Monash mayor Paul Klisaris is doing something similar.

Senate hopeful Jennifer Yang bowed to public pressure and quit as Manningham mayor last week.

Sebastian Klein, president of the Victorian Local Government Association, told Tom Elliott no rules or laws were being broken.

But the 3AW Drive host questioned whether it was right.

‘It seems wrong to me. It seems like you’re having your cake and eating it, too,’ Tom Elliott said.

‘It stinks.

‘They’re having two bites at the cherry, that’s what they’re doing.’

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