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Tom Elliott says Labor’s leadership battle shows they don’t ‘walk the walk’

Tom Elliott says Labor has shown itself to be “hypocritical” given Bill Shorten’s successor and deputy look almost certain to be “two white males”.

The 3AW Drive host has no problem with Anthony Albanese or Jim Chalmers getting the job, but says it was a bit rich, given Labor presented itself as a champion of putting women in positions of power.

“Part of Labor’s big election pitch prior to the disaster of last Saturday for them was the idea that they were the party of putting women in positions of leadership,” Tom Elliott said.

“They have quotas, a goal to get a 50-50 male and female balance in the federal parliament.

“That’s all well and good, that’s fine – I don’t believe in quotas, you’ve heard me say that many times – but if that’s Labor idea, policy or goal then good luck to them.

“So … how is it that they’re going to elect two white men as leader and deputy leader?

“Labor had a chance to walk the walk, as well as talk the talk.

“You love to lecture people on quotas and putting women in positions of power and how terrible the other side of politics is for not doing that – you have elected two men to fill the top two positions of your party.

“You have let yourselves down.”

Chris Bowen was also set to the contest the ballot but has since withdrawn.

Bowen said he believed he’d win the caucus ballot, but not the rank and file count.

“He has just thrown Albo to the wolves,” Tom Elliott said.

“Talk about disunity at the top.”

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