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Tom Elliott says making childcare tax deductible is a ‘ridiculous’ idea

Tom Elliott has rubbished suggestions childcare should be tax deductible, branding it one of the ‘most ridiculous’ ideas he’s heard.

‘Everybody who has a child knows that the impost on your wallet, on your time, on your sleep ? just about everything ? is immense,’ the 3AW Drive host said.

‘But that is part of the deal of having children.’

He said having children was a choice.

‘There is no doubt having kids will probably sacrifice a bit of your career, particularly if you’re a woman,’ Tom Elliott said.

‘Now, a lot of feminists say that’s not fair, but it’s the world in which we live.

‘You make a choice when you have kids – nobody forces you to do it.

‘With contraception these days you can either choose to have children or not.

‘And if you choose to have them, simply accept it will cost you money.

‘And it should cost you your money because they are your children.’

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Conrad Liveris is a workforce diversity specialist and supports the idea of making childcare tax deductible.

He spoke with Tom Elliott.

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