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Tom Elliott says Malcolm Turnbull has made a ‘big mistake’ not backing Kevin Rudd’s United Nations bid

Malcolm Turnbull has made a ‘big mistake’ not backing Kevin Rudd’s bid to be secretary-general of the United Nations, says Tom Elliott.

And for two reasons.

The 3AW Drive host said the decision to crush the former Prime Minister’s hopes had firstly broken an unwritten bi-partisan agreement.

‘For Turnbull to not back Kevin Rudd just means that some stage in the future there will be an ex-Liberal politician going for a similar role and a future Labor government will get its revenge,’ Tom Elliott said.

The second reason was a little more tongue in cheek.

‘I actually think Kevin Rudd would make an excellent secretary-general of the UN,’ Tom said.

‘Think about it. He loves to talk and he loves to use big words and phrases that other people don’t understand.

‘And he can do it in at least two languages ? English and Mandarin.

‘The United Nations is just a giant talking shop, it doesn’t actually achieve anything of any great note.

‘Personally, I think it’s a giant waste of money.

‘But, if you’re going to have a talkshop like this that we’re all forced to fund, why not put somebody in charge who’s good at talking?’

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