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Tom Elliott says socialist councillor should resign over Holocaust comparison

Tom Elliott has launched a scathing attack on socialist councillor Sue Bolton, demanding her resignation immediately.

The 3AW Drive host says Ms Bolton has “no right to be a councillor” after she compared celebrating Australia Day to celebrating The Holocaust.

The City of Moreland became the third inner-city council to abandon Australia Day on January 26 due to “cultural insensitivities” this week.

Tom Elliott said not only were Ms Bolton’s comments inaccurate, they were also “ridiculous and offensive.”

“She’s an absolute disgrace,” the 3AW Drive host said.

“If Councillor Bolton honestly thinks that the European settlement of Australia is like the Nazi Holocaust, she should be absolutely step down straight away for being so idiotic.

“Yes, the European settlement of Australia was bad for Aboriginal people, however, out of it has come a very good thing.

“A wonderful modern nation that migrants flock to from around the world, a nation that is seen as a beacon of fairness and prosperity around the world.

“And yet she compares this nation to the Nazi Holocaust? An act of unspeakable, pure, undiluted evil.”

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