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Tom Elliott says suggestion childcare should be tax deductible is ‘fundamentally wrong’

Two-thirds of Australian women think childcare should be a tax deductible expense, according to a new poll by WomenVote, but Tom Elliott says the suggestion is “fundamentally wrong”.

“It is a personal decision to have kids, and it has got nothing to do with other taxpayers who may or may not choose to have them themselves,” the 3AW Drive host said.

He said people who choose to have children should wear the costs involved.

“If you choose to have children your income and your work life will be affected.

“But you get the love of another human being in return,” he said.

“It is nothing to do with the Australian taxpayer.”

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Earlier this week Labor leader Bill Shorten promised cheaper childcare if his party is elected at the upcoming election.

The opposition leader announced a $4 billion in childcare subsidies.

Under the plan, families who earn less than $69,000 would pay nothing for the care of their children under five, while subsidies would be provided for all families who earn under $174,000.