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Tom Elliott says the changes to land tax are a ‘rip off’ for Victorians

Tom Elliott has fired up over the state government’s proposed changes to land tax, calling it a “rip-off” for Victorians.

The Andrews Government looks set to make property valuations annual from from 2019.

Tom Elliott: The state government wants more of your cash.

Tom Elliott says the government needs the support of councils, but Victorians who own a holiday house, second property or a business premises won’t be happy with the controversial changes.

The move to annual property valuations would hit hard, he said.

“When they revalue it, you get an increase in your land tax and then the next year you know your land tax will not change because the revaluation happens once every two years,” he said.

“What’s going to happen if property prices continue to go up, if the government revalues property every year rather, then every two years it will collect more land tax than it already does.

“Daniel Andrews and Treasurer Tim Pallas have their hands in your pocket – we have to speak up about this.”

Sally Capp, executive director of Property Council of Australia, told Tom Elliott they had received mixed reaction from members.

“There are pros and cons, the feedback we have gives us mixed responses,” she said.

She said for some business owners who have CBD properties, they welcome the idea of incremental increases.

The government has failed to address the rate of land tax for a long time, she said.

“There’s no doubt it does bring income for the government forward,” she said.

Ms Capp proposes a three-year rolling average of land tax.