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Tom Elliott says Tony Abbott must be made a Minister to keep him in line

Yesterday former Prime Minister Tony Abbott revealed a five-point plan to revive the fortunes of the Liberal Party. 

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann responded last night by saying it was ‘deliberately destructive and completely unhelpful’.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull responded this morning by saying Tony Abbott ‘knows what he is doing’.  

3AW Drive Presenter Tom Elliott says the situation is much like that of Gillard-Rudd a few years ago. 

‘It is a Liberal civil war.’

Tom says there is no ignoring Abbott, and the only way Malcolm Turnbull can deal with him is to engage with him.

‘The best way to stop him sniping at the government…is make Tony Abbott a Minister.’

‘Once you are a Minister, you are bound to tow the party lines.’

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