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Tom Elliott says Victoria’s health minister must resign

Tom Elliott says Jenny Mikakos must resign as Victoria’s health minister.

He said Victoria’s botched hotel quarantine program, a major source of the state’s concerning spike in COVID-19 cases, had made her position untenable.

“In the old days we had a thing called ministerial responsibility,” the 3AW Drive host said.

“That is, if something really bad happened on a minister’s watch – and this quarantine debacle is really, really bad – the minister responsible resigned.

“It’s not to say it was actually the minister’s fault … but the minister is ultimately responsible.”

Tom Elliott said he did not expect Jenny Mikakos to take his advice and would likely “hide” behind the review announced by Daniel Andrews.

“But if Jenny Mikakos, honestly, if she had any honour she would resign,” he said.

Tom Elliott said the health minister had repeatedly turned down interview requests on 3AW Drive and was “burying her head in the sand”.

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