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Tom Elliott shares his thoughts on ‘tawdry’ Four Corners report

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Tom Elliott says the “tawdry” report on the ABC on Monday night that aired allegations of the extramarital affairs and sexual antics of politicians in Canberra shows some people are perhaps asking “too much” of our elected officials.

Federal minister Alan Tudge and Attorney-General Christian Porter both featured prominently in the report, with Porter since denying the allegations levelled against him and considering his legal options in terms of defamation.

Tom Elliott said he wasn’t entirely comfortable with such matters being aired publicly.

“It’s not good that some federal ministers do these things, but the point is Australian politics tends to reflect Australian life,” he said.

“I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that in the our federal and state parliaments there are adulterers, there are alcoholics, there is probably the odd drug addict.

“There are people who have done all sorts of things they probably should not have done and if it came to public knowledge, it would embarrass them.

“I’m not trying to excuse bad behaviour, but it happens in Australian life.

“To expect our politicians to be any different than the ordinary run of the mill Australian is, well, perhaps asking for too much.”

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