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Tom Elliott shares his views on religion and it’s place in our society

Last night the PM had a Ramadan dinner with many prominent muslims.

He also invited a particular Islamic preacher who believes if you commit adultery you should be stoned to death and homosexual acts are evil.

The Prime Minister’s response to this is – ‘We just need to have mutual respect’.

Tom Elliott says this is a load of nonsense.

‘Why do I have to pay mutual respect to a stone age set of beliefs?’

‘If someone happens to be born gay and lives a gay life style, they are evil… Why do we have to have mutual respect for this?’

‘The Prime Minister tip-toes around the issue, as did Neil Mitchell I might add, because they don’t want to upset anybody.’

‘Well, I’m happy to upset people.’ – Tom Elliott said on 3AW Drive. 

‘If a religion wants to say that people should be stoned to death, it is a prehistoric religion basically.’

‘We do not have to have mutual respect for beliefs like that. if you want to live in Australia you respect our way of doing things, our laws.’

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