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Tom Elliott sick of ‘virtue-signalling’ at AFL games

Tom Elliott says tonight’s political statement at the MCG involving Bachar Houli and Adam Saad is “pointless virtue-signalling” by Richmond and Essendon.

The footballers, who are both Muslim, are expected to meet in the middle of the ground before the game in response to Fraser Anning’s widely-condemned speech in the Senate about stopping immigration.

Tom Elliott said all it would do was keep the story alive.

“I don’t get it,” the 3AW Drive host said on Friday.

“When I go to the football, I don’t want a lecture on something stupid that a hitherto unknown Queensland MP said in the federal parliament during the week – it’s irrelevant.

“The only tribes we need in football are the jumpers we barrack for.

“We don’t need to start subdividing our teams by who is a Muslim, who is Indigenous and who is this and who is that.

“It’s ridiculous. It is virtue-signalling. It’s not what people go to the football for.

“They just want their team to win. That’s all it should be about.”

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