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Tom Elliott slams push for foreign property owners to be able to stand for local council

A proposal that would see foreign property owners eligible to run for local council has been slated by Tom Elliott.

The 3AW Drive host said Australia’s ‘sovereignty’ was under threat.


The suggestion, which is being considered as part of the ‘discussion‘ surrounding reforms to the local government act, would enable foreign investors to run for local council positions, despite not being Australian citizens.

‘At the moment, only Australian citizens can run for positions on local councils ? as it should be,’ Tom Elliott explained.

‘If this happens? It’s absolutely terrible.

‘There is no way in the world foreigners ? people who are not citizens of Australia ? should be allowed to sit as councillors in our local government.’

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Sebastian Klein, President of the Victorian Local Governance Association, told 3AW Drive the group was also against the idea.

‘It’s not something we support,’ he said.

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