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Tom Elliott speaks to Dr Simon Kinsella about overcoming your fears

Why are people scared of Clowns? 

Is your worst fear of the eight-legged variety? 

How do we overcome fear? 

Tom spoke with Dr Simon Kinsella, Director of CP Consulting and Clinical Psychologist.

‘Usually if you’ve got a specific fear, like heights or snakes, it’s due to some pairing of shock with the specific thing.’

‘People who’ve had spiders drop on them freak out, and from that point onwards, they fear they will relive that experience. ‘

Tom says he is afraid of moving house – ‘It’s one of the most difficult and heart wrenching things’ 

Simon is holding a workshop tomorrow called ‘Speak Your Mind’

The workshop is focused on fear of public speaking. 10am-5pm at the Kooyong Lawn Tennis club.

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