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Tom Elliott takes aim at ‘panicking’ government’s early election

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Tom Elliott has taken aim at Malcolm Turnbull’s push for an early election.

Mr Turnbull has called both Houses back on April 18, looking likely to trigger an early double dissolution election.

He said we currently have a ‘do-nothing government that is panicking’.

He said ‘reality has taken hold’ since the honeymoon period that followed the change of leadership.

‘We were promised tax reform, we’re not getting it,’ Tom said.

‘We were promised budget repair, I’ve seen nothing about that.’

He said the government is putting its hold on power ahead of the national interest.

‘The thinking that’s going on in Canberra right now is ‘gee, we’d better get re-elected while we still can’.’

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Independent Senator Glenn Lazarus was equally unimpressed by Mr Turnbull’s actions.

‘I’m upset about the fact that, because he’s not getting his own way, he’s going to change the goalposts,’ Mr Lazarus told Tom.

‘I don’t appreciate all these shenanigans that he’s going on with.’

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