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Tom Elliott takes apart $5 toll proposal for Melbourne CBD

Tom Elliott has torn apart a proposal which would see motorists pay an extra $5 to drive into Melbourne’s CBD.

The 3AW Drive host said it had several unintended consequences and flaws.

Under the proposal, motorists travelling from the outer suburbs would be charged for entering two ‘rings’ of inner-Melbourne.

The Andrews Government has already rejected the idea, proposed by Infrastructure Victoria.

Tom Elliott said it hadn’t been thought through.

‘If you live in the inner areas, you are probably fairly well off and probably have a very valuable house and can afford the five bucks ? which you may not even have to pay if you already live in these areas,’ he explained on Tuesday.

‘But if you’re living in the outer suburbs – somebody who has to travel 45 minutes or more each direction a day – $5 a day, maybe $5 each way, is $50 a week.

‘Now, that’s a tank of petrol.

‘How many people out there on lower incomes can really afford that?

‘That’s where these sort of plans don’t always stand up to scrutiny.’

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