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Tom Elliott takes refugee advocate to task over hypocritical stance

Tom Elliott has taken a refugee advocate to task after they called on Australia to follow New Zealand’s lead when it came to asylum seekers.

Jessica rang 3AW Drive, saying Australians were “ready” to welcome refugees.

She said she wanted Australia to adopt a “humane” policy, like New Zealand.

That struck a nerve with Tom.

“Do your homework,” he said.

“New Zealand, per capita, takes one-quarter the number of refugees Australia does. So if you adopted that policy you’d be letting in far fewer refugees?

“New Zealand are a bunch of hypocrites when it comes to refugees.

“They’re callous bastards. They do not take refugees in. We do. And yet you criticise your own country and praise another and you don’t know anything about the situation.

“That is why people like you almost don’t deserve an opinion because you don’t get your facts straight!”

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