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Tom Elliott thinks Andrew Robb’s job has ‘a slightly bad smell about it.’


Ye Cheng, of Landbridge, and then trade minister Andrew Robb in 2015.  Photo: Glenn Campbell, The Age


Tom Elliott smells something fishy…

Today we learnt that the former Trade Minister Andrew Robb is earning $880,000 a year working as a consultant for Chinese billionaire Ye Cheng.

Mr Robb was the architect of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement a few years ago.

It’s raised Tom’s eyebrows.

“I don’t have a problem with ex-politicians getting jobs, but this job is directly linked to what he was doing as the Trade Minister,” said Tom.

Provoking Tom further, Mr Robb has contacted the Drive program off air, saying that he receives $20,000 a year index from his super fund.

Mr Robb was unhappy about all the fuss in the media today.

“Should he be working…. getting $880,000 while at the same time receiving $20,000 a year index?” Tom said.

“As the recently departed Trade Minister, should he be lobbying on behalf of a Chinese billionaire anyway?

“I think it’s got a slightly bad smell about it.”

Tom likes the idea that in Britain there is a move to put a minimum 2 year time frame between MPs retiring and working in lobbying jobs.