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Tom Elliott thinks kilojoule labels won’t address the real reason for obesity

Laws announced on Thursday will require fast food outlets to list the energy content of their items.

Kelly-Anne Jolly from the Heart Foundation told Tom Elliott consumers do make choices based on these labels.

‘By giving people this information, they did consider low kilojoule options,’ she said.

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The move is a measure to curb obesity, but Tom  doesn’t think it’s addressing the real issue.

‘I think if you go into McDonalds, you’ve already made the decision. You’ve already passed the point of no return,’ Tom said. 

He said food has gotten a lot better over the years, especially in schools, but more and more kids are overweight.

‘What’s changed? We know a lot more about food, we count kilojoules until the cows come home,’ he said.

‘What’s changed is exercise.’

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