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Tom Elliott wants to know why parliament is half empty

This morning Tom Elliott came across a video of Senator Jane Hume addressing parliament, but half the senate is empty!

“I would assume that for their $200,000 a year salaries, plus the cost of flying them to Canberra, you’d like to think that they’d all sit and listen to each other give speeches, they’d debate issues of national importance and in doing so build a bigger, better, brighter Australia,” Tom said.

“Well, they don’t.”

Senator Hume’s speech was given late at night, about 10pm, but Tom said considering the senate does not sit full-time, you’d think more of them would turn up!

“There are 76 senators in the Australian senate,” he said.

“I can count seven, eight including the president who has to be there.

“I think it’s disgusting! If I was asked to give a speech, and I turned up and only one in 10 people in the intended audience bothered to turn up, I’d walk off!”

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