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Tom Elliott explains why two social commentators are being hypocritical about Margaret Court

Tom Elliott has taken aim at social commentators Peter FitzSimons and Susie O’Brien after they reignited calls for Margaret Court to not be honoured at the upcoming Australian Open.

This summer’s tennis tournament will mark 50 years since Court won all four grand slams in the same season.

Rod Laver was honoured last summer for the same achievement.

Tom Elliott said that is where it starts and ends – Court’s tennis achievements.

“She is arguably the greatest tennis player Australia has ever produced – quite possibly the greatest player the world has ever produced – yet, here we are in Australia arguing whether Margaret Court should be honoured for her tennis, simply because she has some religious views that in the very politically correct 21st century seem a bit old hat,” the 3AW Drive host said on Tuesday.

FitzSimons accused Court, a noted opponent of same-sex marriage, of promoting “homophobic gibberish”.

“He thinks it’s nonsense and he’s entitled to say that – it is nonsense,” Tom Elliott said.

“But Margaret Court is entitled to spout it.”

O’Brien, meanwhile, wrote an opinion piece in The Herald Sun calling on Tennis Australia to blacklist Court.

Tom Elliott said it was blatantly hypocritical.

“Peter and Susie … both of you make a living having your say,” Tom Elliott said.

“Susie O’Brien gets to appear on TV shows and write lots and lots of columns in The Herald Sun and she has her say – that is freedom of speech at work.

“Peter FitzSimons is the same.

“He wants to tear down the monarchy in this country and have a republic instead.

“That’s his right to have his say, again, freedom of speech.

“But even though those two benefit from freedom of speech, they don’t want to extend it to Margaret Court.

“They want Tennis Australia to not showcase Margaret Court next year because she has beliefs that they find unfashionable.”

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